Wild Life Reserve: Home to elk, chamois and ibex.

Ibex, elk, chamois and lamas can be observed in their natural habitat. Guided tours and tours with lamas available on demand for groups or schools.

Play and Fun Mountain is great for younger kids.

Living like a marmot, climbing like a goat?  Young visitors can investigate these animals on Play and Fun Mountain.

Skywalk: Gazing into the sky

You’ll feel free as a bird on the observation point at sundial wall. The skywalk is one of the parks most popular attractions. This terrace is built into the cliff and offers a breathtaking view of the valley. Heart stopping moments are guaranteed. For the more adventurous we offer a 150 m rope down off the sky walk.
For more information or to book call: 0664/4433089

Petting Zoo: Animals up close and personal

Have you ever petted a potbellied pig? You certainly can do so at Hohe Wand! Dwarf rabbits, bunnies, ponies and donkeys are looking forward to seeing you.

Cliff walk: Fascination in rock

The cliff walk starts right behind Kohlroeserlhaus. You’ll see some unusual geology and will be able to explore a small cave. Marvel at the unique limestone formations and enjoy a great view of the “New World”.

Choose the nature trail if you prefer a leisurely walk. It will provide some information regarding local trees and shrubs, animals and protected plants of our region.

Lime kiln:  Lime and coal production

Watch the fascinating process of firing a lime kiln and production of charcoal as it used to be done.

Exploration path:  Hike, explore, play

Colourful rocks will show the way through the forest. Be surprised and don’t get lost!
You may catch a glimpse of the Bromberg Witch!

Museum: Interesting bits and pieces about region Hohe Wand:

Flora, fauna, pine tapping, alpinism and history of the region – background info for your adventure. Plus: Annual exhibitions. Remnants of roman dwellings, discovered in 1998 include a gravesite of a 40 to 50 year old woman.

Paragliding: High in the sky

Enjoy this unique experience and explore the “New World” from a bird’s eye view. Also offering tandem flights.  Call our flight training (0650/3000584) or check www.fly-hohewand.at for more information.

Observation tower:  Panoramic view from 18 m

On clear days, especially in the fall, enjoy a view all the way to Lake Neusiedl, the Bucklige Welt, Schneeberg and the alpine foothills.

Join us at Hohe Wand!
Open: 365 days
Tickets: 1.80 Euros, children 3- 15 € 1.-
Travel from Vienna: A2, exit Wiener Neustadt West

Looking forward to seeing you!